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Taking the diversity of challenges brought by the contract and hospitality markets as a starting point,

Gaga and design has elaborated on its philosophy of airy, colourful and reliable.


Inspired by ancient Japanese weaving techniques and counting on a team of expert contemporary designers, Gaga and design artisans patiently hand woven each piece with nontoxic, UV protected and 100% recyclable fibres.



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Gaga & Design





While steady on quality materials and pristine handcrafting, the collection has the allure to transform the everyday perception of furniture and accessories into a pleasant concoction of boundaries and daring..


Bringing a continuous flow of non-conformist aesthetics to every ambient and striking a balance between functional furniture and exquisitely designed objects, the company brings to the table cost effective, innovative, quality solutions for contract and residential projects alike.


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4th Dimansion Installation 


Passagen events, IMM fair, Cologne 2015

Employing the same weaving technique and materials applied for the furniture collection and reaching up 3 level floors creating an intriguing gravitation challenged space.

As three-dimensional beings, we are able to see the world in two dimensions; our brains receive images in the second dimension and use reasoning to help us “picture” three-dimensional objects.

A four -dimensional being would be able to see the world in three dimensions, a spatial and unique experience brought about by intrinsic design and craftsmanship.

The architects in charge had a vision of matching local folklore and fresh design, the challenge was to strike a balance between the richness of colours and patterns and bring a contemporary tone to the décor. They chose Gaga and design, playing with visual weightlessness and the valued craft traditions of the region, achieving a harmonious and sophisticated look for this summer retreat. 

Summer House


South Africa
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Private Residence



With Gaga and Design contemporary silhouettes in mind, the architects kept to a minimalist concept and fidelity to the light colon pallet dominant in all rooms of the residence. 

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Cannes Festival Press Club


Gaga and design is Cinema material at its best, “featured” at the Cannes Festival press club hub.  Master event planning ADR Prod, which has a record of worldwide projects with marked emphasis on artistic design, “close up" on Gaga and design for this project. Besides hosting the international media, the idea was to create an ambience embodying novelty and the allure of the film industry in one. 

Frankfurt Press Club


Built in 1880, the neo-baroque Palace Livingston compound has an intriguing history, going through many phases over the years, from private ”Palais” to girls school. The city of Frankfurt bought the building and renovated it in 1978, transforming it into a modern venue that was, early in 2011, chosen to host the renovated headquarters of the Frankfurt Press Club.

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Fritz restaurant


The airy structure of the woven dining chairs, allowed the owners of the “Franz” restaurant to optimize the space available with contemporary elegance. The choice of Gaga and design, together with the expertise of the restauranteurs, has helped to brand the place anew and transform it into a lively meeting place in the district.

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